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Jan 05

Who Doesn't 'Get It' Now? -

It amuses me that, for two years, Republicans criticized Obama for ‘not getting it’ by focusing initially on health care instead of job creation and, then, their first move, once in charge of the House, is to spend all their time focusing on health care (or, repealing it, that is).

Nov 15

How I Fixed The Federal Budget Crisis... -

The NY Times “Budget Puzzle” is freakin awesome!  This is how I fixed the budget.  Lots of tax increases from current levels, though from what I’ve read, the increases in a lot of areas aren’t all that different from levels under the Clinton Administration.  Plus, I managed to avoid serious cuts in Medicare, though I did raise the retirement age a year.  Definitely a difficult thing to do and I wish members in Congress and the President luck in sorting this out.  It was hard for me to avoid arguments with myself, I can’t imagine how hundreds of members of Congress, all with valuable constituent interests will be able to work something serious out.  We shall see…

Either way, really fun tool.  Thanks, NY Times!

Nov 12

I agree that Bush is guilty of war crimes. I say this because I don’t want that point misunderstood.

Bush actually did an excellent job of demonstrating the damage that poor rhetoric can do to the world. He painted a broad stroke across a region of the world and referred to it as the axis of evil. In doing so, he redefined entire regions as evil. This redefinition included civilians, soldiers and terrorists alike. This redefinition even included Americans. This rhetoric is why we’re still debating things like the Mosque in New York and border issues in the south. It’s because he helped inspire fear throughout our country. He created a monster for us to hate. What else can you do with a monster after all, but hate it. You can’t talk to monsters, can’t learn from them and you certainly can’t have diplomacy with them. They are monsters once adequately defined as such and all you can do is grab your stakes, mirrors and garlic and go to work.

I just don’t want to repeat Bush’s disaster from the other side. I’d rather keep things in perspective. Bush’s real crimes involved a lack of understanding regarding how to fight a just war. It involved too much faith in information, unjust torture and being too quick to go to war. We could call him a monster for these things but there’s a greater value to his presidency. We can learn from his tragic leadership. We can demand leaders who understand what a just war is. We can push for patience the next time we feel threatened and aren’t quite sure of who our enemy is. I’d rather Bush be a cautionary tale of poor leadership, poor rhetoric and impatience than a monster for us to chase with a stake. We may not get to see him to justice, but at least we can try to avoid such a leader in the future.

” — This is something I read on The Maddow Blog.  Smart, thoughtful observations and reflections by “Matt The Southern Liberal.”

(Source: MSN)

Nov 11


Oct 28

Washington City Paper Staff Memo on Stewart/Colbert Rallies -

haha.  so awesome… READ!

Oct 25

Lower The Retirement Age To Fix Unemployment? -

there are lots of arguments against lowering the social security retirement age (a few mentioned in the attached article), but i think the idea, though counter to conventional deficit hawk wisdom, makes sense in certain ways, and is definitely worth serious discussion…

Sep 13

Obama Visits Could Help Dems Hold House

Aug 21

Net Neutrality, Eh? -

i guess i don’t really know that much about it…


Jul 16

“Justice Kennedy no longer appears to reside at the court’s center of gravity. The center has shifted to the right.” —

Reading Justice Kennedy’s statement about wanting to retire after Obama left office, initially, bugged me simply because the court, in my view, is supposed to be the one branch of government thats exist in a layer of the atmosphere somewhere above politics and below the stratosphere. 

Though to believe that justices actually are above politics is naive, I know, it always resonates with me when a justice IS strikingly political.

For this reason, I’m a little pleased to find out that Justice Kennedy seems to have lost his praiseworthy swing-vote status on the court (READ the full article I took this quote from HERE).  Though this means the court is definitely trending right, on a purely vindictive level, it makes me feel nice to know that Kennedy has less swing vote power.

Silver linings and clouds, I guess…